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"Nelson... Our future's in your hands. Take care... of my boy."
―Arthur Wedgewood, moments before his death
Arthur Wedgewood
Aasaa Wejjiwuddo
Name Arthur Wedgewood
Alias(es) Arthur, Wonder-Daddy, Commandant of the Skies
Number 109
Age 36 (Unknown)
Weight 62kg
Size 178cm
Hobby Reading
Gender Male
Origin Blossom City, USA
Assignment GDA, Unknown, possibly Blossom City, USA
Relative(s) Will Wedgewood
Occupation GDA Senior Officer
Weapon Daddy's Claw
Voice Actor English: Charlie Schlatter

Japanese: Ryohei Kimura

Arthur Wedgewood is a minor character in The Wonderful 101. He is the father of Will Wedgewood and participated in Earth Defense War II. When he tried to save his son, he was mortally wounded by Laambo, and subsequently sacrificed himself to complete a crippling attack on the GEATHJERK mothership.


OPERATION 006: Gocken Island, Lost City of Kowrule Edit

20 years ago, Arthur Wedgewood was an ally and possible close friend of Laurence Nelson, the original Wonder-Red. He worked for the CENTINELS, and it is assumed that he was constantly battling against the GEATHJERK. At some point, he helped Nelson in an unspecified fashion, prompting the latter to decide that he owed Arthur a favor.

Arthur was eventually assigned to lead a mission to infect the GEATHJERK forces with a newly-developed computer virus. To do so, he piloted an airship armed with viral missiles towards the alien mothership, only to discover that his son, Will Wedgewood, had snuck aboard. When GEATHJERK forces attacked the airship, the missile guidance system was destroyed, prompting Arthur to evacuate the crew. Nelson arrived to retrieve Arthur, but Arthur insisted on staying and completing his mission, asking Nelson to take Will instead.

Moments later, Laambo burst into the ship and struck Nelson, knocking off his Wonder-Necklace and rendering him powerless. Arthur dived forward and threw the necklace to Nelson, but was mortally wounded when he was slashed by Laambo's blade pistol.

After Nelson defeated Laambo, Arthur asked him to take Will, who was distraught over his father's wound. Nelson took Will and reluctantly left the dying Arthur to pilot the airship into the mothership, completing his mission through his own death.


As a worker for the CENTINELS, Arthur is shown to be a brave, selfless man, willingly sacrificing himself for the good of Earth. He puts his objectives over his own personal needs, and seems to ensure the safety of others whenever there may be an issue. Sadly, these heroic traits ultimately led to his demise, as he rushed out of hiding into harm's way to assist the wounded Nelson. Arthur cares for his son Will, and is a friend of Laurence Nelson as the previous Wonder Red.


  • Viewing the Membership Files, Arthur's favorite hobby is reading.
  • Arthur is one of the secret characters in the game, taking the identity of Wonder-Daddy. He uses a unique version of the Unite Claw, stronger than the normal version and with permanent fire effects.
    • He is one of the few secret playable heroes to have an element on their Unite Morph. Laurence Nelson (Wonder-Red Emeritus/Wonder-Captain) also possesses fire abilities on his Unite Drill, while Alice MacGregor (Wonder-Scarf) possesses ice abilities on her Unite Whip.


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