Name Chewgi
Alias(es) Loyal Warrior
Number 102 (unofficially)
Age 35
Weight 132kg
Size 188cm
Hobby Mixed martial arts
Gender Male
Alignment Guyzoch
Origin Planet Boosheedoh
Assignment Guyzoch Space Pirates
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Guyzoch Space Pirates, First Officer
Weapon Senpookey
Voice Actor English: Fred Tatasciore

Japanese: Kiyoyuki Yanada

Chewgi is a Space Pirate, and serves under Prince Vorkken as First Officer of his pirate band.

Personality and traitsEdit

A stalwart soldier of Prince Vorkken’s Guyzoch Space Pirates. As commanding first officer, Chewgi is always beside Vorkken as his right hand. He is the most powerful member of the pirates in terms of brute force, but is of a quiet nature and rarely speaks. Chewgi firmly believes that even the battlefield is a place for proper manners, respecting the power of opponents and always fighting fairly.

While his body blows pack plenty of power alone, Chewgi is also skilled in a variety of attacks using his prized dual naginata, which not only features sharp blades, but can be spun at an amazing speed to create an impenetrable barrier that deflects any incoming attack.

He’s a solemn man, always by Vorkken’s side as his trusted adviser, and a genuinely fearsome warrior to boot. He seems to control his own personal Unify Morph, known as the “Unify Naginata,” which not only boasts a wide attack range, but a devastating spin attack to keep the enemy at bay and the ability to reflect incoming projectiles. Despite his prowess as a warrior and his strong sense of justice, Chewgi serves under Vorkken as one of his pirates, albeit as unwillingly as any of the others Vorkken has forced into his service.


  • Chewgi's name derives from a Japanese term, Chuugi (忠義?), which translates to "loyalty".
  • His home planet, Boosheedoh, derived from Bushido.
  • In Mission 003 from Operation 001-A, you can see Chewgi on top of the building when the Wonderful 100 were inside. This occurs if the player takes so long or some unknown reason.
  • If one uses the model gallery to view Chewgi's damaged form, they can see exposed purple/lavender flesh on parts of Chewgi's Vanzen-Suit, most noticeably on his legs.
    • Interestingly, the artwork for Chewgi's past reveals his entire skin tone.


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