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Diejeah is a boss in The Wonderful 101. It is Wanna's Flagship in the GEATHJERK Federation's Supreme Armada.


Wanna deployed the Diejeah to destroy Strato Port's Super Reactor with its main cannon. However, the Wonderful 100 managed to ram the ship with a large missile (fired from Immorta's Dakkar), using Unite Hammer to force it into the cannon's core.

With his initial plan foiled, Wanna transformed the Diejeah into its Lethal Form, a monstrous serpentine robot. The Wonderful Ones managed to board the machine and trick it into destroying most of its own body, forcing it to unveil a pair of massive arms ending in buzzsaws. Despite its power, the Diejeah was no match for the Wonderful 100, which repeatedly found ways to attack Wanna from his perch atop the monster's head. Ultimately, the Diejeah met its end when Wonder-Yellow smashed a GEATHJERK assault mech into its remaining body, destroying both machines in a spectacular explosion.


The Diejeah's normal form was armed with numerous missile batteries and a powerful (but slow-charging) laser cannon. Its Lethal Form had powerful jaws, spear-tipped tendrils on its nose, missile launchers on its head, and a battalion of Orgons to send at enemies. It could also unfold a pair of buzzsaw-tipped arms on its underside, and fire powerful, blade-like energy blasts from a cannon in its mouth.