Giga Goojin

Giga Goojin

Giga Goojin was Gimme's Flagship, having transformed, created by The Geathjerk. It is widely believed this fight and one before it are an homage to the "Punch-Out!!" series started on the NES with "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!" as the gameplay and controls of the fight share striking resemblance. Piloted by High Geathjerk Commander Gimme, Giga Goojin will attack you with a wide array of melee moves and later in the fight, will resort to more untraditional means of battle, by summoning 3 different types of robots(Ohdarko, Kazoir Diejeah, and Kazior Orowchee) with their own unique ability and by throwing Gah Goojins and Wallgah-Goojins.

In this fight, you take on the role of "Platinum Robo", piloted by the Wonderful 100. Platinum Robo attacks in a very similar fasion to the protagonist of the "Punch-Out!!" series, Little Mac, as you are able to sway from side to side and guard from Goojin's attacks and attack him by delivering left and right gut blows/uppercuts and delivering a knock out punch counted by Platinum Stars, only being able to carry 3, similar to Little Mac's signature Star Punch technique, where he to can only carry 3 stars.

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