Kahkoo-Regah are hidden missions.  There is one on each stage (except for 007B and there are two on 009B).  They only appear when the difficulty is set to Normal, Hard or 101% Hard.  To activate a Kahkoo-Regah the player must first find the portal on the ground and wrap the Wonder Liner around it.


All Kahkoo-Regah standard challenges take place in an arena simular to the one found in the starting area of the Wonderful Missions.  Three challenges (the Kahkoo-Regah from Normal, Hard and 101% Hard) are simply a repeat of the Operation 005C and 008C final boss fights but with much stricter restrictions to winning.

Missons in the Kahkoo-Regah are different to regular gameplay.  One might only have the player with a small team, another might enforce limitations on the number of Unite Morphs allowed, while another might have a time limit to defeat all the enemies in the area.

Most Kahkoo-Regah challenges will have the player only being allowed to take five or less hits before they fail the misson.  Failing a Kahkoo-Regah misson will count as a death on the stage in question.

In-Game Text from Wonderful File #024Edit

KAHKOO-REGAH EXTRA-DIMENTIONAL GUERILLA OPERATIONS FORWARD BASE GEATHJERK FEDERATON SUPREME ARMADA A base made secretly on the Earth by the survivers of GEATHJERK after Earth Defence War II.  Normally hidden unbeknownst to humans in an invisible, interspacial dimention, it is homt to a large GEATHJERK military facility.  On its entrance, there is a mysterious circle pattern called a GEATH-Circle, where the guerilla soldier/aliens manning these posts may enter and exit the base.  Advanced intellegence suggests that the enterance of the base may possibly be opened by encircling this circle with a Wonder-Liner pattern and then focusing Wonder-Energy upon it.


  • Operation 101 seems to take place in a hidden Kahkoo-Regah