Luka Alan Smithee
Ruka Aran Sumishii
Luka Alan Smithee
Name Luka Alan Smithee
Alias(es) Hero-In-Progress, Wonder-Goggles
Number 101 (post-Jergingha) 105 (in order)
Age 7
Weight 27kg
Size 125cm
Hobby Photagraphy
Gender Male
Alignment Unaffiliated (Evil, since he wants payback for his mother/later Good when joining the CENTINELS)
Origin USA
Assignment Blossom City
Relative(s) Margarita (mother, deceased)

Unnamed father (probably deceased)

Occupation Elementary-School Student, Superhero
Weapon Stingy Eyes
Voice Actor English: Debi Derryberry

Japanese: Tomomi Yamakawa

"Hey, where are you going?! Take me to your leader!"
―Luka, confronting by Wanna's exit
"You guys are slowing me down! I'm going solo!"
―Luka, confronting the Wonderful Ones
"I will defend Earth to the gap!"
―Wonder-Goggles, taunt

Luka Alan Smithee is a recurring character in The Wonderful 101. He plays a major role in the game's story and encounters the Wonderful Ones multiple times as the game progresses.

Personality and traitsEdit

A young Blossom City Elementary School student. Attending Wonder-Red (Will Wedgewood)'s homeroom, Luka is always fighting, playing, and ignoring his studies, making himself a constant trouble for Will. He is a bully’s bully, second to none in mischief, and a problem child that has stumped every teacher in the school.

His mother was Professor Margarita, the scientist responsible for devising the force fields protecting Earth; when she gave her life to serve as the artificial intelligence Mother Platinum to support it, Luka wrongly assumed that her death was from an accident and holds CENTINELS and the Wonderful Ones responsible for it. Although he initially tags along with them for a while, his thirst for revenge leads him to betray the Wonderful Ones to the GEATHJERK by sabotaging the Margarita Field, and it is only upon learning the truth about his mother's death that he realizes the consequences of his selfishness and resolves to live up to the ideals his mother died for. Eventually, he is inducted into the Wonderful Ones as a full member--Wonder-Goggles.


As Wonder-Goggles, his Unite Morph is Unite Goggles, which allows him to fire two laser beams from his goggles in a straight line, which can be rotated to cover a wider range of effect. These lasers also have a piercing effect which allows them to hit multiple enemies at once.


  • Luka's transformation sequence for Wonder-Goggles mimics Wonder-Red's during the epilogue of the game.
  • He shares many similarities to Luka from the Bayonetta series. Both characters have the same first name and wear the same scarf, and Luka from Bayonetta was lead to believe that Bayonetta had killed his father (when really it was the Angels that killed him), while Luka from The Wonderful 101 blamed The Wonderful 100 for the loss of his mother. Luka from The Wonderful 101 also wears a camera around his neck and his hobby is photography, which is a reference to Luka from Bayonetta being a photographer and journalist.
  • Luka's middle name and surname, Alan Smithee, is the pseudonym used by movie directors to disassociate themselves from their work.
  • Luka is the only character to show his civilian profile card two times.
  • Luka is one of the only two characters known to achieve "B" rank (Displayed in his profile card in the epilogue), the other one being P-Star.
  • The name of his weapon, the Stingy Eye, may be a reference to an attack used by Dio Brando and other vampires from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a laser-like beam fired from his eyeballs called "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes".