P-Star is one of the main characters in The Wonderful 101. He is a support robot that helps the Wonderful Ones with various things.

Personality and traitsEdit

An autonomous information terminal robot with learning-type AI, designed by Professor Shirogane. Equipped with an unfinished experimental P-Fieldcraft, making P-Star capable of traveling freely through the air. Accompanying the Wonderful Ones throughout their missions, P-Star provides aids in all situations: relaying messages from HQ, performing checks on each members’ condition, assisting in searches, scanning battle power, analyzing terrain, devising progression paths and combat strategies, etc.

Through linking with the database of the CENTINELS’ central computer Mother Platinum, P-Star can perform a data search to provide speedy advice to the Wonderful Ones on demand. Well, at least it should, but Mother Platinum seems to reflect the thought patterns of one of its designer, Professor Shirogane, and sometimes offers less than helpful advice.

P-Star was designed to have few if any combat functions, allowing it can focus on support and excel in expandability, including extensive bubble memory for multiple Unite Morph installations. It also has a spice bomb disrupter and BB guns, but its performance in combat should not be relied on.

P-Star was made from a scrapped video game console, an ode to Professor Shirogane’s appreciation of antiques. It is also a gifted conversationalist, able to have intelligent conversations with humans. These conversations have led the team to think P-Star is adorable, and it has achieved mascot-like status.


  • In the flashback detailing the death of Red's father, it is shown that P-Star originally looked like an old-fashioned television set.
  • He is named after the Platinum Games logo, which is a letter P with a star symbol. His introduction screen even has the Platinum logo contained in his logo.
  • P-Star is one of the only two characters known to achieve "B" rank (Displayed in its profile card in the prolouge), the other one being Luka Alan Smithee .
  • When P-Star first mentions the entrances to Kahkoo-regah, he quotes the famous Legend of Zelda line- "It's a secret to everybody."
  • P-Star's "speech," expressed in beeps and other such sounds, is a possible reference to Star Wars icon R2-D2.
  • During the on-foot Platinum Robo segments in Operations 009-B and 009-C, the Virgin Victory (and the Meizzer in 009-C) takes P-Star's place.