Prince Vorkken
Purinsu Vooken
Name Vorkken Ohgee
Alias(es) Space Pirates Leader, Outlaw, Vorkkie (by Pink), "Heir to the throne of the roaming Rhullo, leader of the space pirate band known across the universe as the Guyzoch, Prince Vorkken" (Wonder-Red, who has naming issues.)
Number 101 (unofficially)
Age 260 (in Rhullo years)
Weight 67kg
Size 177cm
Hobby Building plastic models
Gender Male
Alignment Evil (Later turns good)
Origin The (destroyed) Roaming Comet Rhullo
Assignment Guyzoch Space Pirates
Relative(s) Unnamed mother and father (deceased), Immorta (younger sister)
Occupation Space Pirate Leader, Prince of Rhullo
Weapon Various, but primarily the Victor Boomerang
Voice Actor English: Quinton Flynn

Japanese: Sho Sudo

"As for myself, I am heir to the throne of the comet Rhullo and extraordinary leader of the Space Pirates, Guyzoch! To my people, I am the esteemed Vorkken Ohgee! However, since I've been informed your language lacks the proper reverence for my title, I will allow you to call me Prince Vorkken."
―Prince Vorkken, introducing himself to the Wonderful 100
"Join the Guyzoch!"
―Prince Vorkken, taunt

Vorkken Ohgee, known to humans as Prince Vorkken, is a major character in The Wonderful 101. Originally a prince from the comet Rhullo, Vorkken now roams the galaxy, recruiting warriors into his pirate team, the Guyzoch. He starts out as an Antagonist and Antihero (Wonder Red's rival), but by the end of the game, he becomes a Protagonist. His Unify Morph ability is "Unify Boomerang", which creates a giant bladed boomerang that can even be ridden on while it slices through multiple targets twice with each throw.

Personality and traitsEdit

An alien from the Rhullo comet, Prince Vorkken is an outlaw who formed the powerful, 100-member strong Guyzoch space pirate band, and now serves as their leader. Although in the past he was famed for his wisdom and kindness, he now blatantly disregards the existence of others and cares only about increasing his own power. Ever since the day the GEATHJERK slaughtered his people and destroyed his home, his life consists of traveling from planet to planet in search of skilled soldiers, whom he overpowers and forces into servitude, constantly increasing his forces; once he did so in the hopes of avenging Rhullo, but over time he lost sight of his old goals and became obsessed with accumulating power for its own sake (which may have been exacerbated further by GEATHJERK brainwashing).

Vorkken has an exceptional understanding of the battlefield, a trait he has seemingly exhibited since birth. His Vanzen Suit, made by the most talented scientists on Rhullo, enables him to execute techniques equal to, or possibly superior to the Unite Morph: the Unify Morph. The Unify Morphs can be even further strengthened by installing complex, high-tech Unify Morph data in the high density holographic memory of V-Star, the autonomous information robot always by Vorkken’s side. His preferred Unify Morph is the Unify Boomerang, a potent energy boomerang that can hit enemies from afar and damage them again as it returns to him.

Prince Vorkken is constantly observing the Wonderful Ones from the shadows with the intent to have the Wonderful Ones “bow to him" and recruit them into his band, whether they want to or not.

In a running gag, when Wonder-Pink, especially Wonder-Yellow and Wonder-White, meet Vorkken for the first time (and Red through Green's second battle with him), Pink becomes infatuated with Vorken and dubs him "Vorkkie" in a "cutesy" and silly way. This one-sided attraction continues throughout the events of the game, although Vorkken himself does not appear to notice or acknowledge her crush on him.


Vorkken starts off as a shillouette character, remaining unnamed and unseen until he appears later in the game.

Before long, he shows himself in front of the Wonderful Ones, aboard his ship, called,"The Meizerr", and he challenges them (mostly Wonder Red) to a duel as if to show them his strength. When he first met them, Vorkken makes some mistakes without even noticing it, such as naming the planet "Dearth" instead of "Earth", and calling Wonder-Red "Blunder-Red". Unlike the Wonderful 100, he uses an ability called "Unify Morph", but acts the same when Wonder-Red's Unite Hand and Vorkken's Unify Hand collide. While this and two following duels prove to be inconclusive, he is defeated in their fourth fight by the Wonderful Ones with the help of his sister Immorta, who reveals that the only way to subdue Vorkken is to remove him from his ship, which constantly recharges his entire team's energy. Using the knowlege, he is finally defeated, after which it is revealed that the GEATHJERK had used his desire for revenge to brainwash him into acting as their puppet. After they save him from the nano-bioweapon Vaaiki released by Gimme, Vorkken pledges himself and his band to assisting the Wonderful Ones to atone for his mistakes.

At the end of the game, Vorkken once again redeems himself by saving the Wonderful Ones and Chewgi on their way to fight Jergingha. After this point in the game, he can be used in combat normally. After the defeat of Jergingha, Vorkken departs from Earth to help restore peace to the worlds he destroyed, but not before thanking the Wonderfuls Ones for putting him back on the right track, and promising to tell the galaxy of what he learned from his experiences on Earth.


  • Prince Vorkken strongly parallels Wonder-Red, continuing Platinum's tradition of doppelgängers of the main character.
  • If the player dies as Pink when fighting Vorkken, she will yell "VORKIIIIIIIIEEEE!!" rather than her usual death shriek. Also, on occasion, when Pink receives damage, she will call out, "Why, Vorkkie?" and "More, Vorkkie!"

The biggest plot twist in The Wonderful 101. The GGC reveal doesn't have anything on this.

  • Vorkken's "damaged" model reveals that he wears no undergarments.
  • Vorkken is the most commonly-fought boss in the game, being battled a total of four times. (Five if you count Teio-Form as a seperate battle, six if you count Operation 101.)
  • Vorkken is the only boss character for which his bottle cap got for his defeat doesn't show his face on a grave (that's because he doesn't die). It shows him with a white flag instead.
  • Vorkken's line which begins with "Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy as-" is lifted verbatim from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • In a Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gag, Vorkken's Meizerr smashes through an Envan during the escape from Jergingha, holding the Envan's power cell in its jaws, which it promptly crushes, just like Raiden does when he performs a Zandatsu.
    • Prince Vorkken's voice actor, Quinton Flynn, also voices Raiden from the Metal Gear Series.
    • Vorkken also serves a role similar to that of Jetstream Sam, who served as a rival to Raiden, having the exact same swordfighting skills with additional abilities. Vorkken is similar because he both serves as a rival to the Wonderful 100 and uses all of the Wonderful 100's Unite Morphs, plus some additional ones (Unify Boomerang, Unify Naginata and Unify GEATHJERK/Monster.)
  • Prince Vorkken's old combat team, before they are slaughtered by the GEATHJERK, is similar to the Wonderful 100, in Immorta's flashback.
  • Prince Vorkken's history bears a striking resemblance to that of the character Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z series. Both of them had their planet destroyed and people killed, they also both were the prince of that race, then they both joined the ones who destroyed it.
  • Vorkken's last name, Ohgee, is phonetically the same as "Ōji" (王子), the Japanese word for "prince" (which Vorkken is).
  • Vorkken's unanswered mystery from his flashback is a girl who transfers for his class. We do not know if this mystery will be revealed in the sequel or not. (Or if there's even going to be a sequel.)




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