Greater Galactic Coalition (2015)

Greater Galactic Coalition

The Greater Galactic Coalition, later called the Greater Galactic Imperium, is the Organization that was founded by humans 1,400 years into the future.


According to Jergingha, The Greater Galactic Coalition is an armada that rivals the GEATHJERK, and was founded by Humans, which inhabited the planet known by the GEATHJERK as Chi-Q (which is earth). Their technologies were greatly advanced compared to the GEATHJERK, and using a futuristic technology of unmatched power (which bears a resemblance to the Wonder-Masks created by the CENTINELs), they marched into Jergingha's homeworld and began to attack with full force. 100 years after they appeared, causing a dark age in their civilizations and fueled by their anger, hatred, thirst for vengeance, and in an effort to save their homes, Jergingha and the other 6 surviving victims of the Greater Galactic Coalition's attacks became the founders of The GEATHJERK Federation, whose goal was to restore galactic peace. By using time-traveling technology, Jergingha lead his entire armada to the past, in order to destroy humanity in an attempt to rewrite history and therefore, prevent the Greater Galactic Coalition from ever being founded.


  • The Greater Galactic Coalition is the parody of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars Franchise.

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