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The Wonderful 101
WiiU Wonder101 pkg01 E3
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Platinum Games




Nintendo Wii U



ESRB Rating


JPN Release Date

August 24, 2013

EUR Release Date

August 23, 2013

NA Release Date

September 15, 2013


WiiU Optical Disc, Nintendo eShop

The Wonderful 101 is a “mass-hero” action game developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo, and released exclusively for the Wii U.

As Wonder-Red, leader of the Wonderful 101 you will unite your band of Wonderful Ones to morph into powerful transformations such as a fist, sword, glider, gun, and more to battle invaders throughout Blossom City and across the world. The Wonderful 100-—and YOU-—are the city's best weapon.


  • Unite your horde of heroes to morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or to synthesize into bridges, chains and other objects that help you make it through the world’s different environments.
  • Clobber bad guys with deep and engaging combat. String together combos, dynamically switch between Unite Morphs, defend and evade alien attacks and rack up points to earn the best scores and rewards.
  • Explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join your army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the more powerful your Unite Morphs will become.
  • Fight alongside friends in five-player local co-op multiplayer. Each player controls a Wonderful One character and pummels enemies with a unique Unite Morph.
  • At the in-game shop, you can spend the valuable O Parts you earn fighting aliens to upgrade or buy entirely new Unite Morphs.


In The Wonderful 101, Earth becomes under attack from an invasion of enormous aliens called the "GEATHJERK", and the only thing that can protect the planet is the titular group of superheroes. Unfortunately, the aliens are too powerful to fight individually, so the heroes must work together. These uniquely different heroes can morph together into powerful weapons to crush their invaders or get through the environment.

40 years ago, Earth first came under the threat of the Guild of Evil Aliens Terrorizing Humans with Jiggawatt bombs, Energy beams, Ray Guns, and Killer lasers (GEATHJERK). This event known as Earth Defense War I, prompted the formation of the CENTINELS planetary secret service and the Gaia Defense Army (GDA). 20 years later the GEATHJERK returned for Earth Defense War II, Where GDA officer Arthur Wedgewood was mortally wounded aiding Wonder Red, but managed to get him and his son William into an escape pod before sacrificing himself by ramming his ship into the GEATHJERK mothership. 20 years later William, now grown up and a schoolteacher, drives his students to school before the GEATHJERK suddenly reappear. After getting his students to safety William suits up as Wonder Red and regroups with Wonder Blue and other members of the Wonderful Ones, using their unite morphs, they manage to stop the school bus form crashing into Blossom Elementary. They are then picked up by the CENTINELS flagship Virgin Victory. There, CENTINELS Commander Laurence Nelson reveals that the CENTINELS were able to bring up the force field "Margarita" a small portion of the GEATHJERK armada managed to get through and are attacking Blossom City, He sends the Wonderful Ones off and names Wonder Red leader of the team despite his lack of experience, prompting protest from Blue. While on the ground they fend of a massive Gah-Goojin, rendezvous with Wonder Green, and soon meet Laambo, one of the 6 commanding officers in the GEATHJERK armada. Laambo uses his cybernetic hydra Diekuu Ohrowchee to uproot the Goddess of Blossoms, which houses one of the 5 super reactors powering Margarita. Laambo then moves to drop the statue from space but the Wonderful Ones manage to kill him and retrieve the statue also rescuing Luka Alan Smithee, one of Williams students who was inside the statue. The Wonderful Ones moves to defend Blossom Tower, but on the way there they are intercepted by a fleet of space pirates known as "Guyzoch" led by Prince Vorkken, who proposes the CENINELS align with Guyzoch . They manage to defeat him but the Guyzoch then retreat. The Wonderful Ones then rendezvous with Wonder Pink, who helps defeat a Diedough-Goo. On the way to Blossom Tower, the Gah-Goojin whose arm was blasted of by the Wonderful Ones seeks to purge them and intercepts them when the parasitic Notoriyeah, who was extracting information, was destroyed. With the combined effort of the team, and a little tickling, the robot was ahniallated.

The Wonderful Ones move to Strato Port to defend another Super Reactor, there they run into Luka once again, The Wonderful Ones reluctantly allow him to accompany them when they learn his parents are dead. The Wonderful Ones meet up with Professor Shirogane and Wonder Yellow and eventually make their way to the statue. At the statue they are met by Wanna another GEATHJERK commanding officer who attempts to vaporize the Wonderful Ones and the statue with his flagship Diejeah, but a mysterious ship known as Dakkar and its pilot fire a massive missile at Diejeah, saving the statue. Wanna then has Diejeah assume it lethal form to destroy the statue, but the Wonderful Ones manage to destroy Diejeah. Wanna then makes a last ditch effort to destroy the statue but fails when Professor Shirogane tucks the statue away into subspace, Wanna then explodes.

Professor Shirogane explains on the Virgin Victory that the 5 super reactors that power Margarita only send out enough energy to keep it running for 24 hours. Once that time is up, the rest of the GEATHJERK armada outside Margarita will be within firing range of the "Shirogane Comet". The Wonderful Ones then moves to Neo Mu to defend another Super Reactor, while there they rendezvous with Wonder White, but soon run into Vijounne, another GEATHJERK officer. Blue then runs off from the team, attempting to beat Vijounne by himself, but Vijounne then retreats. Before the Wonderful Ones head underground, Luka, who everyone thought had been left on the Virgin Victory runs ahead of the team, forcing them to force the door open. While underground, Vijounne shatters one the walls, flooding the base before running off while Blue chases after her. The Wonderful Ones are forced to plug the hole leaving Red to go off by himself to find Blue and reactivate the floodgates. While chasing after Blue, Red is met by the Dakkars pilot who reveal her name to be Immorta, she then states that if the Wonderful Ones don't improve, they'll be torn apart by Guyzoch. After meeting up with Blue, Red attempts to force the truth out of him, Blue explain that he was raised by his older brother, who was a police officer, but during an operation he was betrayed and killed by his partner who was actually Vijounne in disguise. The two work together to reactivate the floodgates. While moving to regroup with the other Wonderful Ones, the two are intercepted by Vijounne, who then throws Red into a shaft, Blue then attempts save him when they are suddenly rejoined by the rest of the Wonderful 100 where they then escape the shaft. After a rough skirmish with a Die-Rixxen, the make their way to the Super Reactor where Vijounne and her squid-like fortress Ohdarko attempt to steal the statue, they also find Luka who is attempting to meet with the GEATHJERK's leader by stowing aboard Ohdarko. The Virgin Victory manages to retrieve the statue and take it to the surface, Vijounne then attempts to use Ohdarko to destroy the Virgin Victory, The Wonderful Ones manages to destroy Ohdarko and rescue Luka, but Vijounne manages to escape.

The next super reactor is sealed in Mt. Ogertoe, an active volcano, which also is over the Lost City of Lowrule. The Wonderful Ones head to secure it, rendezvousing with Wonder-Black in the process.They run into Prince Vorkken again, but before they fight, he tries to say what he's fighting for, and tells of a fateful day and a new girl who was transferred to the next class. The team is very curious, especially Pink. Chewgi pleads for brevity though, and they engage in combat. Immorta soon intervenes, hitting Vorkken's ship, The Meizzer. After escaping the lava flow with Immorta and Dakkar, Immorta reveals that her unit is gone, but Blue resents Immorta as if she was a spy and rejects her offer of combined forces. White notices a change in the Guyzoch armor whenever the Meizzer loses power. The Wonderful Ones then sight a Gah-Goojin ramming the door protecting the super reactor, they also see that Luka has tagged along yet again, this time with Pink vouching for him. Once they reach the door after a scuffle with a massive Tuumekey, they find the door sealed tight. Luka reveals a mysterious pendant that seems to open the door. Gah-Goojin appears again to try and sink the statue into the lava before the Subspace circuit activates. Taking the robot for themselves, Blue almost destroys the statue, but the circuit activates. Black's quick thinking allows full control of Gah-Goojin, but it was not long before Walltha, the third class GEATHJERK officer and Laambo's twin brother intervenes. He stated that he was not there for revenge for Laambo's destruction, but to serve GEATHJERK supreme overlord Jerghinga. Actavating the Wallgah-Googin, Walltha procceds to attack. The Wonderful Ones manage to beat the Wallgah-Gojin in a Punch-Out style boxing match, the volcano begins to erupt, so the Wonderful Ones hop aboard the Virgin Victory while Walltha gives chase. Making it out of Mt Orgetoe, Wonder Green manages to destroy the Wallgah-Goojin with Walltha inside. The Virgin Victory victory then flies off toward the final super reactor.

Aboard the Virgin Victory, Red requests Nelson to allow Luka to be a part of the group, citing his hatred of the GEATHJERK as being worthy of acknowledgment. The Wonderful Ones moves to Gocken Island to de defend the final super reactor within the lost city of Kowrule. There Vijounne reappears and Blue abandons the team once again to chase after her. He nearly drowns before being rescued by the Virgin Victory. Commander Nelson explains to Blue that he was a lot like him when he was Reds predecessor, before he watched Reds father die at the hands of Laambo, but Red managed to put his desire for revenge aside and became a teacher to inspire the same bravery in his students. Blue then rejoins with the rest of the Wonderful Ones, now accompanied by Immorta. The virgin Victory chases down Vijounne and the Wonderful Ones finally manage to kill her. Before dying, Vijounne expresses her disbelief at earth becoming the "Greater Galactic Coalition". The Wonderful Ones once again head off toward the super reactor. Along the way Immorta explains that Vorkken was once the benevolent prince of the comet Rhullo, before GEATHJERK invaded and Vorkken lost his kingdom, his family, and the love of his life. Before GEATHJERK destroyed Rhullo Vorrken managed to get Immorta into an escape vessel before disappearing for a while. When he finally resurfaced his mentality had completely shifted into that the space pirate leader feared across the universe. Immorta then requests the Wonderful Ones aid at reclaiming Vorkken from what he has become. The Wonderful Ones arrive at the super reactor to find that Vorkken had gotten there first, and had already killed and dug a grave for GEATHJERK officer Heyourgah. The Guyzoch board the Meizerr and engage in a ferocious two-part battle against the Wonderful Ones that ends with both sides badly beaten. Immorta then beats up Vorkken, inadvertantly revealing herself to be Vorrken's younger sister and that he had been under the GEATHJERK's mind control the entire time. The groups are then intercepted by Gimme, the high commander of the GEATHJERK forces, stating that Vorkken has worn out his usefulness, and activates the bio-weapon Vaaiki in his bloodstream. Luka then betrays the Wonderful Onesoffering himself over to an audience with Jerghinga, revealing that his pendant controls the super reactors and he wants revenge on earth for his mothers death. Gimme that takes Luka with him, with The Wonderful 100 reeling from had just happened.

As energy levels in Margarita begin to drop, The Wonderful Ones uses Professor Shirogane's Nano-Accel to enter Vorkken's body to combat the bioweapon. While inside they are joined by the members of Guyzoch, Vorrken's first mate Chewgi explains that Vorkken forced them into service and that the slightest disobedience would result in the destruction of their home worlds, but Vorkken turned off the attack satellites just before their battle. The groups make there way to the bioweapon Vaaiki and manage to crush it on Professor Shirogane's keyboard, saving Vorkken's life. Chewgi and the rest of Guyzoch then leave for their home worlds. Meanwhile, GEATHJERK activates a gravity well to destroy Blossom City and expose the CENTINELS nervous system, Mother Platinum. The Wonderful Ones heads down to Blossom City to defend Mother Platinum and rescue Luka. Meanwhile, Vorkken disappears from the Virgin Victory.

The Wonderful Ones make it to Gimme's ship and demand Luka be returned, but Gimme refuses, stating Luka is aboard on his own will. Gimme goes on to explain that demanding Luka back is ironic and has Luka explain why he betrayed them. Luka explains that his mother was the scientist who created Margarita, but was apparently killed in a lab accident, the CENTINELS were apparently unable to prevent her death. Gimme expels the Wonderful Ones from his ship and transforms it into Giga-Goojin, however Luka's pendant activates a mysterious robot made from the building of Blossom City which Red dubs Platinum Robo. They board Platinum Robo and manages to tear Giga-Goojins head open and The Wonderful Ones head inside, but are quickly subdued by the a widening in Margarita. Gimme offers Red some last words before he intends to kill them. Red explains to Luka that his mothers intelligence in earth defense was unparalleled, but she was unable to create an artificial intelligence capable of powering Mother Platinum, so she had her own mind uploaded into Mother Platinums mainframe, basically becoming Earth's last line of defense, and that her death was actually a sacrifice. Impatient, Gimme silences Red and prepares to delivers the finishing blow. The Virgin Victory then suddenly ram into the Giga-Goojin, Reds story having provided a distraction, and the Wonderful Ones manage to push Gimme into the Gravity Well, killing him. However Mother Platinum is destroyed and the CENTINELS lose control of the Shirogane Comet, and Luka pores over his regret over whats happening being his doing. Despite the situation however, the team doesn't give up. Platinum Robo then tells Luka in his mind that the Shirogane Comet is in range and has a manual trigger, giving hope for earth.

The Wonderful Ones decides to fly off into the Exoatmosphere aboard Platinum Robo to activate the Shirogane Comet manually, with some effort they manage to reactivate the Shirogane Comet and use it to vaporize the entire GEATHJERK armada, however the celebration is cut short when the GEATHJERK's planetary fortress reveals itself and restores the fleet. The Wonderful Ones, Platinum Robo, and the Virgin Victory then set the fortress in their sights. Along the way, Blue reveals that they can use unite morphs by knocking Gah-Googin's out and setting them to autopilot, which he claims to have discovered earlier. They make progress through the traps and defenses, but Platinum Robo is forced to stay behind in order to allow the Virgin Victory to get through the bulkheads. The Wonderful Ones then fly off by themselves in order to disable the fortresses shield, they are soon rejoined by the Guyzoch, who decided against returning home to repay their get to the Wonderful Ones, eventually they are also joined by Vorkken. On the surface they manage to destroy the shield generators, but are unable to contact the Virgin Victory when the floor caves in and they fall inside the fortress. Once inside, they come across a massive reactor, a voice reveals itself to be Jergingha, supreme overlord of the GEATHJERK federation. The Wonderful Ones brush off his threats, intending to destroy the reactor and go home, but the reactors opens itself to reveal Jergingha's brain, as he is the planetary fortress. Jergingha then activates his internal self-destruct mechanism and reveals that GEATHJERK was founded with the intention of eliminating threats to galactic peace such as Earth, The Wonderful Ones refuse accept that earth is a threat, and manage to shatter Jergingha's tank. Jergingha reveals that in earths chronology, the GEATHJERK originate form 1500 year in the future, and that 100 years prior, the GEATHJERK worlds were assimilated and destroyed by The Greater Galactic Coalition, beginning the Greater Galactic Imperium: darkest age in galactic history. When Blue question what that has to do with Earth, Jergingha then has them realize that Earth commanded the Greater Galactic Coalition. The Wonderful 100 refuses rot believe humanity would ever go that far, before Jergingha reveals a futuristic Wonder Mask. Jergingha then uses the mask to become Wonder-Jergingha and proceeds to battle the Wonderful Ones. Jergingha manages to overpower the team and prepares to kill them, but Lukas efforts allow Wonder Red to suit back up as the Virgin Victory ram into Jergingha, the Wonderful Ones uses the Virgin Victory's shooter mode to vaporize Jergingha. The Virgin Victory and soon the Guyzoch aboard the Meizzer manage to escape Jergingha's body as it self destructs. However Red notices that the fortress is actually reforming and Jerginghas then reveals himself in his bipedal form designed for destroying planets. The Wonderful Ones boards Platinum Robo and several other robots and engage in a titanic battle with Jergingha. They Wonderful Ones manages to mortally wound Jergingha, but in a last ditch effort, Jergingha charges toward the Earth, lamenting how he had intended to avoid its destruction, but he is left with no other choice. As Jergingha charges his "Chi-Q marble buster", Platinum Robo, Virgin C=Victory, The Meizzer, and the Dakkar unite up and retaliate with an equally devastating beam that destroys Jergingha once and for all. Back on earth, the rest of the GEATHJERK armada self-destructs, but Luka says that its not over and pledges to devote himself to his studies and become the person his mother was. Red supports Luka, also instructing him to pass that spirit on to the next generation and set earths destiny away from the Greater Galactic Coalition. The Wonderful Ones pay their respects to Platinum Robo as it then flies off into the horizon. Vorkken and Red then exchange thanks and Vorkken then promises to make up for what bad things he had done while under the GEATHJERK's control, even if it take hi awhile. The Guyzoch, Vorkken, and Immorta then leave the earth as the Wonderful Ones head back to Blossom City for search and rescue.

Some time later. Luka is riding to school with his classmates when some GEATHJERK forces attack, Luka gets his classmates to safety and the suits up as Wonder-Goggles and rejoins the Wonderful Ones. They manage to stop the bus from crashing into the school and go on to confront the remaining GEATHJERK forces. The Wonderful Ones then announce themselves as The Wonderful 101 and the game ends.


The player controls a crowd of superheroes from an isometric viewpoint and can turn them into various objects called "Unite Morphs". As levels progress, players must explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join their army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the greater your special morph powers can be. Players can use "Unite Morph" forms to battle off enemies, solve puzzles or traverse the environment at the cost of depleting the player's battery meter. The meter can be recharged by performing normal attacks or by picking up batteries dropped by a defeated enemy. Enemies will also drop "O parts", the in-game currency used to buy upgrades, new "Unite Morph" abilities and items. To transform your mass of heroes, you draw with the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen or right analog stick the corresponding symbol of a form, such as an “L” for a gun or a squiggly line for a whip. The GamePad can also be used to see things from a traditional third-person angle and explore tighter environments better, such as indoors.


The single-player campaign is broken between levels. Each level ends with a grade depending on a number of factors, such as how long it took you to complete and how much damage you took. In addition to a single-player mode, The Wonderful 101 has a cooperative mode that supports up to five players, with one person utilizing the GamePad and the four others using the Pro Controller.

Unite MorphsEdit

  • Hand
  • Sword
  • Gun
  • Whip
  • Hammer
  • Claws
  • Bomb
  • Naginata
  • Boomerang
  • Bow-and-arrow
  • Goggles
  • Ladder
  • Glider
  • Bridge
  • Gelatin (referred to as "Unite Guts")
  • Spring
  • Ball
  • Rocket






Director's Edition Trailer DifferencesEdit

  • The Japanese version shows Marianna Kretzulesco's buttocks and shirt. This is later omitted in the English version.
  • Until there was a fight scene between Red and Blue, the Japanese version presents Blue's talksprite; however, Red's talksprite is presented in the English version. In game, Red's talksprite shows "..." instead of arguing of Blue.
  • One of the scenes shows Vijounne, smoothing her body. This is later replaced by Vijounne's intro appearance in the American version itself.
    • Otherwise, the scene from the Japanese version of the director's trailer is mildly inappropriate to American audiences.
  • Immorta's breasts (which is covered with her armour) and buttocks are zoomed in, then was omitted in the English version.
  • The Japanese version of the video is slightly longer than the English version's.


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