• Mysterious Destiny
    • Add galleries to each character page (in progress)
    • Add an overview of each main/important character's role and actions during the story
    • Include stats for all enemy types and bosses
    • Make pages for various things such as Kahkoo-Regah, Wonder-Mart, Wonder-Toilets, etc.
    • "Clean up" the page for the game itself (in progress)
    • Make pages for most (if not all) of the achievements
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  • Mysterious Destiny

    Quick question

    October 2, 2013 by Mysterious Destiny

    Could someone please tell me what happens if I hit "No" on the Game Over screen? I'm too scared to try it. Seeing your character's soul floating there and crying is bad enough, and plus, knowing the bad things that happen when hitting "No" on Bayonetta's Game Over screen, and knowing that TW101 shares countless similarities to Bayonetta...yeah.

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