Name Vijounne
Alias(es) Fourth Class Officer
Number 048
Age Unknown
Weight 114 t
Size 13.5 m
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Gender Female
Origin Planet Ewwmee
Assignment Neo Mu/Gocken Island
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation GEATHJERK officer, 4th class
Weapon Various, mainly Ohdarko
Voice Actor English: Paula Tiso

Japanese: Marika Hayashi

"Trying to play the hero, are you? Such a sight… It makes me beam like a ray of sunshine!"
―Vijounne, before attacking
"I-I am not your little big boy!"
Wonder-Red, to Vijounne

Vijounne (ビジョーヌ) is one of the main antagonists of The Wonderful 101. She is a high ranking officer of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada.

Personality and traitsEdit

Originally from an aquatic race on the water-covered planet Ewwmee, this GEATHJERK femme fatale is unchallenged in her supremacy at underwater operations. The only female of the six GEATHJERK officers, her alluring figure is a weapon itself, capable of driving enemies to madness like the sirens of ancient myth.

Unusually vain, and terribly concerned about all things relating to beauty, she has a strong aversion to all other women, and detests anything unclean, or unsightly. Along with her obsession with beauty, she has traveled the galaxy in search of an aquatic environment suiting her liking. Having set her eyes on Earth, and its 70% water-filled environment, she intends to make it her own.

On an espionage mission during the invasion 20 years ago, Vijounne disguised herself as a human, setting up a trap for her FBI partner. She successfully stole valuable classified information, and promptly disposed of the entire investigation team. Wonder-Blue's hate for Vijounne burns brighter than the hottest blue flame... The FBI partner was his older brother.

Judging from her predilection for taunting Red and Blue, it seems she prefers to toy around with her enemies while fighting them. Once you fall for her wily tricks, you will never regain the initiative. Blue's brother was killed by her after she disguised herself as a fellow agent and earned his trust, then led him into a trap; since then, Blue has sworn revenge against her, no matter the cost (something Vijounne is all too happy to use against him).


Wonderful Ones and Immorta manage to kill Vijounne in Operation 006-B. Vijounne's last words are about the Greater Galactic Coalition.


  • Madama Butterfly from Bayonetta bears a strong resemblance to Vijounne.
  • In the Japanese version of The Wonderful 101's director trailer, one of the scenes shows Vijounne, smoothing her body. This is later replaced by Vijounne's intro appearance in the American version itself.
    • Otherwise, the scene from the Japanese version of the director's trailer is mildly inappropriate to American audiences.
  • Her home planet Ewwmee is a reference of "umi", a Japanese translation of "sea".