Name Silvianne Lumiere
Alias(es) GO-O-O-O TEAM!, Sexy Silvia (in the Viewtiful Joe series)
Number 044
Age 19
Weight 51kg
Size 168cm
Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Female
Origin USA
Assignment Berkley, California
Relative(s) Wonder-Pink (friend), Joe (boyfriend)
Occupation University Student, Superhero
Weapon Desperado (Pistols)
Voice Actor Christina Pucelli

Wonder-Cheerleader is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Head cheerleader of the Wonderful 100. Can cheer even the most injured comrade back into battle, leading all sorts of casualities. Constantly texting her friend Wonder-Pink.


  • Wonder-Cheerleader has been confirmed by Hideki Kamiya to be Sexy Silvia from the Viewtiful Joe series. Her real name is even Silvianne. This is referred to in one of Pink's QTE fails (and Joe himself is mentioned by name, referencing the unmade third game in the intended trilogy).
  • Before The Wonderful 101 was finalized, Wonder-Cheerleader, along with Wonder-Ribbon, are mentioned as twin sisters. Wonder-Cheerleader is illustrated as an extremely different person: she have pink hair that is styled into a pair of odangos, wears a sky-blue-colored CENTINELS suit, and carries two pink batons.
    • Both Ribbon and Cheerleader's Wonder Masks are incorrectly upside-down.