Name Rodolfo Munoz
Alias(es) The Tap-Out Terror
Number 031
Age 35
Weight 136kg
Size 185cm
Hobby Unknown
Gender Male
Origin Mexico
Assignment Mexico City
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Pro Wrestler, Superhero
Weapon Babyface Basher
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Fighter is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. He is a user of the Unite Hammer.


A talented masked wrestler. Often plays the heel in the ring, then whips off his mask to reveal his hero mask beneath. Applies wrestling tactics to battle, piledriving his way through enemy lines.


  • Wonder-Fighter's name refers to his background as a masked Mexican wrestler, or a luchador.  Luchador, when translated directly from Spanish, means fighter in English.
  • Wonder Fighter's weapon, the Babyface Basher, refers to his wrestling role as a heel, the bad guy, whose main conflicts are against the babyfaces, the good guys.


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