Name Kiwamu Takami
Alias(es) Playtime Warrior
Number 011
Age 6
Weight 21kg
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Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Assignment Kyoto
Relative(s) {{{relative}}}
Occupation Elementary School Student, Superhero
Weapon Legendary Sword
Voice Actor {{{actor}}}

Wonder-Gamer is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. He is one of the users of Unite Sword.


After running out of current-gen titles he hadn't played, this 6-year-old moved on to retro games and became hooked, beating every one. Currently pondering high-score strategies for his own life.


Wonder-Gamer's true appearance is a boy with just simple black eyes and short, bob cut hair. In his Wonderful One form, he wears a maroon CENTINELS suit that contains a beige jacket. Gamer also dons a pair of black gloves and boots, and a headdress that resembles of a retro game controller. Like every Wonderful One, he carries a Shirogane Drive, embedded on his torso.


  • Wonder-Gamer's helmet is the controller of a Nintendo Famicom system.
  • Wonder-Gamer's Legendary Sword appears to have an 8-bit texture, similar to old NES/Famicom games.
  • Wonder-Gamer's assigned city, Kyoto, is the birthplace of Nintendo.

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