Name Kimble Clayton
Alias(es) Baron of the Beasts
Number 076
Age 22
Weight 94kg
Size 184cm
Hobby Unknown
Gender Male
Origin Congo
Assignment Salonga
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Forest Ranger, Superhero
Weapon Friendly Whip
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Jungle is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. He is a user of the Unite Whip.


Raised in the jungle and friend to all beasts of foot, fin, or wing. As their king, he ensures peace among the varied wild. Hates civilization and can’t figure out how to use his Wonder-Pendant.


  • He is a reference to Tarzan
  • His surname, Clayton, is also the surname of the original character in the novel and also the name of one of the villains in the Disney film.


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