Name Su Chengtien
Alias(es) Drunken Style
Number 012
Age 62
Weight 53kg
Size 165cm
Hobby Unknown
Gender Male
Origin China
Assignment Peking
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation School Janitor, Superhero
Weapon Kung Pao & Drunken Noodle
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Kungfu is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. He is one of the users of Unite Hand.


The sole heir to a mythical fighting style called Drunken Kung Pao Chicken Fu. He needs booze to use it, but he's a lightweight who gets weaker when he drinks... An unfortunate cookie of a catch-22.


  • Wonder-Kungfu's real name, Su Chentien, and his overall appearance is a reference to real life Hong Kong film actor Yuen Siu-tien and his recurring role as Beggar So, a drunken boxing master.

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