Name Ellie Osborn
Alias(es) Jurassic Grrrl, Dr. Dinosaur
Number 010
Age 11
Weight 39kg
Size 138cm
Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Female
Origin USA
Assignment Great Falls, Montana
Relative(s) {{{relative}}}
Occupation Elementary School Student, Superhero
Weapon Dino Knuckles
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Rex is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. She is with the team since the beginning of the game. She is one of the users of Unite Hand.


With an archaeologist dad and a pro wrestling mom, this elementary school girl goes by the nickname Dr. Dinosaur. Obsessed with the terrible lizards, she eats 3 times her weight in meat daily.


  • Wonder-Rex is from Montana, home of the Museum of the Rockies, which features the world's largest collection of dinosaur fossils and paleontological research. As well, many dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Montana and it is one of the few locations where fossils of the Tyrannosaurus Rex have been found.
  • In early development, Wonder-Rex's gender is a boy, wearing a green CENTINEL suits and T-rex hoodie (the face does not change though). Her name is spelled differently as "Wanda-Rex".

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