Name Jenya Kabaeva
Alias(es) Twirl Twirl Twirl!
Number 043
Age 19
Weight 46kg
Size 165cm
Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Female
Origin Russia
Assignment Omsk
Relative(s) Unknown
Occupation Gymnast
Weapon Aurora Ribbon
Voice Actor Unknown

Wonder-Ribbon is one of the minor Wonderful Ones from The Wonderful 101.

Personality and TraitsEdit


  • Before The Wonderful 101 was finalized, Wonder-Ribbon, along with Wonder-Cheerleader, are mentioned as twin sisters. Wonder-Ribbon is illustrated as an extremely different person: she shares Wonder-Nurse's color scheme and has odangos. Her ribbon is colored green instead of pink.
    • Both Ribbon and Cheerleader's Wonder Masks are incorrectly upside-down.


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