Name Masao Gondawala
Alias(es) Thank You!
Number 015
Age 17
Weight 56kg
Size {{{size}}}
Hobby {{{hobby}}}
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Assignment Chiba
Relative(s) {{{relative}}}
Occupation Convenience Store Clerk, Superhero
Weapon Sass Knuckles
Voice Actor {{{actor}}}

Wonder-Socho is one of the minor Wonderful Ones of The Wonderful 101. He is one of the users of Unite Hand.


The 17th leader, or socho, of the Kanto region's quietest, politest traffic-safety gang, the THANK-YOUS. This all-male team may not admit women, but the THANK-YOUS are always pleased to stand up for the weak.


  • Wonder-Socho's design appears to be based on stereotypical Japanese delinquents, or bancho.

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